• Three dimensional embossing
      Class:Soft draw, roll paper
      With the three-dimensional embossing sponge process, the thickness of the whole paper towel is increased by 30%, filled with air, soft and close to the skin like cotton, fully reflecting the perfect combination of softness and thickness; Selected native Cizhu, made of its high-quality long fiber weaving, super toughness, not easy to break in wet water, 4 layers - more layers, stronger and thicker.
      Class:Soft draw, solid core flat roll, hollow roll, flat roll, stick paper, handkerchief paper, strip towel
      Rose three-dimensional embossing process, choose the proportion of high-density paper and scientific fiber, enhance the toughness of paper and cotton; select the original Neosinocalamus affinis, extract its high-quality long fiber weaving, super tena
      Class:Soft draw, solid core roll and empty core roll
      Beautiful printing, embellishment beautiful life, moving moment! It is made of super soft ingenuity. It has exquisite embossing on four sides. It is flexible in wet water and is not easy to break.
    • Wettable water
      Class:Soft smoke, handkerchief
      Choose high-quality 100% original wood pulp and scientific fiber ratio to enhance the toughness of paper and cotton; it can be used as face towel for wet water, which is not easy to break when wet water is used; 4-layer thickening and flexible, no pa
      Class:Soft draw paper
      Unique point-to-point embossing technology is adopted to create 3D diversion channel and three-dimensional space, which can absorb water quickly and absorb oil strongly. Instead of dishcloth, it is clean and hygienic, and can effectively protect fami


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